Serenity SP

Custom molded ear protection

Serenity SP is a fully modular, static (passive) hearing protection system. 

Comfortable to wear the whole day yet robust enough for heavy industrial use, Serenity SP offers multiple attenuation (noise reduction) filters for use in environments with different noise levels. 

Thanks to its modularity, users can exchange Serenity SP for any other Serenity system (except Classic). Simply click out the system's customized eShells to add communication functionality (Serenity SPC), dynamic hearing protection (Serenity DP+) or both (Serenity DPC+).

  • Custom molded ear protection
  • Static-level (passive) noise attenuation
  • Different acoustic filters available for customizable protection
  • Phonak SafetyMeter compatible.
Data Sheets & Documents
Data Sheet, Serenity SP