Roger™ Covert 2.0

Communication is critical in physical surveillance. Every message must be clearly understood by all team members in any situation.

Roger™ Covert 2.0 is 100% digital and has been specifically designed for the highest level of intelligibility and discretion in the most challenging environments. Only Roger™ Covert 2.0 enables crystal-clear digital communication to reduce the risk of mission failure.

  • Performance
    Roger™ Covert C has been designed to capture speech for maximum understanding and intelligibility even in the noisiest environments, such as sporting events or railway stations. And with connections to both a radio and mobile phone, the Roger™ Covert Dual C option offers ultimate flexibility.
  • Ease of use
    Roger™ Covert C has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. Setup takes moments, and requires no technical knowledge. Connections between components such as earpiece and phone are seamless. And Roger™ Remote C can be used even out of sight in a pocket.
  • Reliability
    Roger™ Covert C is completely immune to electromagnetic interference, and won’t interfere with any other systems operating on similar frequencies. The system’s 128-bit AES encryption guarantees secure transmissions.
  • Discreetness
    Roger™ Earpiece C is almost invisible in the ear canal. The main Roger™ Covert C unit and remote control are small enough to disappear under clothes or in a pocket. And without a neckloop to worry about, operatives can blend in even more easily.

Product Description