The world's first 20 meter submersible bone conduction tactical headset. Developed in the mid-2000's at the request of members of Naval Special Warfare. The MH180V-AA features no speaker hardware in, on or over the ear(s) providing 360 degrees of non-occluded natural situational awareness.

Radio comms are received through the temporal bones of the face - leaving both ears unobstructed providing critical situational and directional awareness.

Incoming radio transmissions are transferred from the transducers, to the temporal bones of the face and instantly received in the inner ears.

The MH180V-AA's 20 meter boom microphone can be manufactured with the boom microphone mounted on the left or right side of the face when worn. The microphone element is mounted on an articulated boom arm for ease of positioning.

The headset's design provides the operator the ability to add some form of in-the-ear hearing pro if desired. The MH180V-AA features a vertical stainless steel head frame with adjustable front / back head strap. All components of the MH180V-AA are rated to survive exposure in up to 20 meters (66 2/3 feet) of fresh or saltwater for up to 2 hours.