The MH180V headset allows the operator to receive incoming radio transmissions through his/her facial bones - leaving both ears free to maintain 360 degrees of un-occluded situational and directional awareness

The MH180V receives radio transmissions via bone conductors placed strategically inside both the left and right sidepiece housings of the headset - which rest directly in front each ear, on the face, when properly positioned and worn. Think of the bone conductor sidepiece housings as "side burn extensions"

The MH180V head frame is available in four unique stainless steel, vertical frame sizes. When you test and evaluate the headset, a set of four frame sizes are included so each operator can get the correct size fitted prior to ordering. To stabilize the headset from forward movement, once properly fitted on the head, a fully adjustable Velcro rear head strap is included

Each of the headset's two side pieces housings, holding the bone conductors , is sealed to prevent dust, dirt and water ingress