MH180S Sniper Headset

The MH180-S Sniper Headset was specifically designed for snipers featuring a radically reduced, low profile side stabilizer bar on the non-microphone side of the headset to ensure an unobstructed cheek weld for long gun access.

The MH180-S allows the operator to receive radio communications through his/her facial bones, leaving both ears free to maintain 360 degrees of situational and directional awareness.

The MH180-S headset features a fully adjustable, 360 degree, front/ back head strap for added stability when not wearing a helmet.

The single audio transducer, located inside the headset sidepiece housing, positioned in front of the ear allows for incoming radio transmissions that are transferred from the transducer, to the temporal bone of the face and instantly received in the inner ear of the wearer.