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The HAHO/HALO switch's barrel-style housing acts as both a compartment for wiring and circuitry as well as a natural, form-fitting hardened sleeve to wrap 4 fingers around comfortably and effortlessly. The entire housing includes an adjustable nylon/Velcro band that wraps tightly over the top of the hand. By virtue of the design, the thumb is in the perfect position to depress the PTT switch located on the top of the barrel-style housing.

The custom length cable is captured and over-molded at the bottom on the hardened sleeve and includes the appropriate connector for the PTT assembly worn on the operator's vest.
*NOTE: This design has replaced our former Finger Mount PTT for snipers and has become the remote PTT of choice by LE and Military Snipers.

The HAHO/HALO push-to-talk was originally developed in 2014-2015 at the request of some individuals out of Air Force Rescue Squadrons. Another supplier in the U.S. had been providing a solution that proved costly and suffered repeated field failures. Our design team sat down with several rescue Squadron team members in an effort to reduce cost, eliminate design flaws and offer a more user-adjustable fit. Following nearly 6 months in development, our solution was completed and has been purchased consistently since by operators seeking a dependable, hard-wired, in-the-air and on-the-fly PTT