Defender Riot Control/Mobile Field Force Comms System

Development of the Defender Mobile Field Force / Riot Control Comms Systems shortly after the 2015 Baltimore riots in an effort to address the obvious inability or law enforcement operators to communicate in a riot. Three systems were developed to include "Line Operators"(listen only), "Team Leaders" on the ground (connection to a single radio to monitor and issue instruction along with "Command / Over-watch" (connection to two radios - allowing for dual comm RX/TX to both ground operators as well as those positioned outside the conflict in a Command vehicle.

Pictured is the "Defender Team Leader" inner helmet mount headset with speaker for RX and noise canceling boom for TX. Variants include the "Line Operator" system which is listen only and looks exactly like the pictured system but the boom microphone is not included. The third variant is the "Command/Over-Watch" system pictured below coupled with a second speaker which mounts on the opposite inner side of the end-user's helmet. This system allows for dual comms between the wearer and line operators (issuing instruction) as well as a Command Post off-site.

Team Leader Defender Comms Suite - single speaker with noise canceling boom microphone, single comm push-to-talk with radio volume control and 2 pin direct connection to an Avon mask with internal microphone.The Scott FRR Comms Cable Kit can also be integrated with Defender Team Leader kit. This system can be built for all law enforcement and military portable radios