Combat PTT

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The Combat PTT was designed in the mid 2000s for a select law enforcement tactical team. This push-to-talk features a front mounted PTT switch as a secondary actuation switch. The standard side mounted primary switch is quiet and shrouded to avoid accidental depression while the front switch measures 1" in diameter, surrounded by a protective shroud to avoid accidental depression particularly from key operational equipment such as a gun sling worn across the chest. The large, front mounted switch features both tactile feel and sound when depressed and released. This unique feature of tactile feel and sound was initially designed purposely to provide a downed operator the confidence of both hearing and feeling the activation and release of his PTT switch when trying to contact fellow operators for medical assistance.

The Atlantic Signal COMBAT PTT features a steel alligator clip with protective, over-molded rubber 'teeth' covers to prevent damage when attached to clothing or a vest. The side mounted PTT actuation switch, opposite side of the pictured remote radio volume control, features a protective shroud. The front mounted 1" plunger-style switch also features a protective shroud to avoid accidental depression.

Side view of the COMBAT PTT. Pictured on the side edge is our remote radio volume control - providing operator access to radio RX volume remotely from the PTT housing when seated in a vest mounted radio pouch