Lightweight Thermal Goggles

¨ Auto-NUC FPA: 640x480

¨ 50Hz Refresh Rate

¨ Human Detection Range: up to 830m

¨ Optional Built-In Video Recorder

¨ Up to 8 Hours Battery Life

¨ ITAR-Free System: Available for Export

Product Description

The UNITEC-G64 is the thermal imaging goggle system designed for all categories of customers. It has a full-size ergonomic and tactile keypad, hard-anodized aluminum body, and superb optics. Its unbeatable real-life performance is complemented by best-in-class battery life. Features include fully waterproof design, precisely machined body and outstanding build quality. The UNITEC-G64 is perfect for 24/7 observation and detection for any purpose (wildlife, perimeter security, outdoor activities).