Ultra Long-Range Fusion Binoculars

¨ 100% Target Detection Capability

¨ Dual-Eye, Long-Range Observation

¨ Multi-Mode 24/7 Operation

¨ High Situational Awareness

¨ Auto-NUC: No Calibration Needed

¨ Universal Power Solution

Product Description

The QUADRO-B100 is the augmented vision long-range binoculars for tactical surveillance and observation.

Along with selecting between visible/near-infrared and far-infrared (thermal) channels individually, GSCI’s Unique Patented technology allows to produce and display real-time, delay-free fusion image that superimposes all ranges of the spectrum from its sensors to successfully detect any target and defy poor lighting or weather conditions. Wide field of view allows for better situation awareness.

The unit is rugged, lightweight, made of hard-anodized aluminum for added strength and shock resistance.