Product Description

Experience the superior situational awareness of the PVS-31CL-MOD, proudly made by GSCI Advanced Photonics.

PVS-31CL-MOD boasts a low-profile design has been perfected with over 30 years of engineering experience and is equipped with the latest technological advancements. It features proprietary GSCI-VIVID high-performance front and rear optics - the lightest optics available on the market today and offers a crystal-clear image. This dual-tube goggle system is one of the lightest you can find!

Other unique operational features, such as instant IR [Morse Code Capability], standard IR [Map Reading / Zero Light Capability], external battery power port, flip-up off, selective channel engagement and stow safety provide remarkable performance and reliability.

With numerous optional accessories such as magnification lenses, head mounting systems, battery packs (including the MVP-240) and recording devices - it can also accept 1xAA and 1xCR123 batteries - you will find this NVG to be the primary choice of multiple users including law enforcement and military agencies worldwide.