GSCI Advanced Photonics has proudly designed and built the PVS-14C, an advanced version of the traditional night vision monocular system. It's widely used for various tasks and operations and is the result of our newest technological advancements, feedback from professional users, and 30+ years of GSCI's engineering experience.

The PVS-14C works excellent in both urban/close-quarters areas, as well as remote rural areas with challenging terrain and obstructions - making it a multi-role device you can use as a hand-held device, tripod mounted, headgear or helmet-mounted hands-free monocular, or as a stand-alone weapon-mounted system. You also have the choice of equipping it with 3x or 5x lenses for extended range observation. Plus, you can connect it to a GSCI MVP-240 battery pack or other portable power sources thanks to the optional external power port. Manual gain control is also available to give you maximum viewing comfort with minimal strain on your eye.