Multi-Task Augmented Reality Heads Up Display

Product Description

Millions of Night Vision Devices were manufactured and many are in still service since an Image Intensifier Tube was invented. Now with the help of the MTAR™-HUD most of these devices can be upgraded to enable features they were missing.

Just for a small cost MTAR™-HUD supercharges your night vision device by displaying an array of vital readings for maximum situational awareness. Each of these data elements can be displayed or hidden through the device’s menu to show an operator only the information he needs at a particular instance. Such user customization reduces the operator’s distractions and helps focus on mission objectives.

Stand-alone functionality is just one of the many advantages of the system, however, the real advantage behind the design is to transform a conventional night vision device into a full-scale tactical surveillance, even weapon mountable station. The GPS module allows the operator to identify and display their location, and the unit significantly enhances situational awareness referring to pitch-roll-yaw readings. Recordings can be re-produced and analyzed from the built-in digital video recorder. All of the data is displayed on-screen of a night vision device in an informative, and non-distractive way.

The MTAR™-HUD is the strategic choice when it comes to upgrading the existing fleet of night vision devices of virtually all makes and models, especially the widely popular PVS-14.