Gladiator H

The Gladiator H is a hybrid of the company's MH180H headset. The Gladiator allows the operator to receive radio communications via the facial bones while leaving both ears free for 360 degrees of natural situational and directional awareness. Tethered to the sides of the Gladiator sidepiece housings, with included storage holsters, are 3M brand Gen 4 Combat Arms Earplugs (see earplug features below).

The Gladiator H features a horizontal steel headband with adjustable rubber rear stabilizer strap to guarantee proper personal fit. An adjustable vertical head strap prevents upward or downward movement of the Gladiator once positioned properly on the head. Bone conductors installed inside each sidepiece housing, relay radio RX directly through the face to the inner ear. A waterproof / noise canceling boom microphone is featured and manufactured for positioning on the left side of the face when worn to provide a right handed shooter and unobstructed cheek weld. The boom microphone is also available for order and manufacture on the opposite side (right side when worn) for left handed shooters upon request

Gladiator H setup shown here is for right handed shooters - the boom mic is on the left side of the head as worn, ensuring the operator of getting a good cheek weld. The Gladiator can be manufactured with the boom mic on the opposite side for left handed shooters upon request