X500 Recorder

Timespace digital video recorders for cost effective, reliable and high performance operation in covert, mobile and law enforcement surveillance applications.


  • 4 PAL/NTSC Cameras 2CIF, 25 IPS x4, H264 compression
  • 4 IP Cameras, Up to 40MPixel cameras supported (future-proofed) including: 1080p cameras (1920 x 1080 – 2MPixel) 4k cameras (3840 x 2160 – 8MPixel)
  • H264, H265 future-compatible. RTSP protocol 200Mbit/s to disk sustained performance.


  • 4 Microphone inputs, 4 Line level outputs
  • 48,000Hz, 24 bit recording x 4
  • Super wide dynamic range > 110 dB SNR
  • Gun shot to whisper
  • Plug in compatible with Shure WL183-185 and Countryman B3 series mics
  • Suitable for most electret condenser mics including: MicW-iBoundary, Sony ECM-77B, Sennheiser ME 2-US, Knowles EK-23024
  • 5V Mic. power via 1k resistor
  • Fixed gain or software Auto Gain Control (AGC).


  • Dimensions 206 x 136 x 53mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight with disk cartridge 1040g
  • Solid State Disks / Hard Disks, 500 GByte, 1 TByte, 2 TByte
  • PSU 10V – 30V input. DVR itself draws 12W, 12V 1.2A output (buck mode) for cameras etc. 5V 1A output (buck mode) for ancillary equip. 48V PoE output (boost mode) on all 5 ethernet connectors. 20W total PoE output.
Data Sheets & Documents
Data Sheet, TimeSpace X500