WireOnAir A/S is a company having solid knowledge and experience within wireless technology standards as regards both hardware and software applications.

We operate within two main business areas:

  • Own branded non-consumer products with main focus on Audio with added Tracking and Camera systems based on Bluetooth®, GSM, 3 G, Satellite and GPS technologies.

  • R&D based on our customers specifications with main focus on the above technologies.

We develop all in house as from Hardware design to Firm-and Software. This hands-on all steps of the development process enables us to act with a high degree of flexibility and to remain focused on our customers requirements for new specialised quality products.


Our vision is to maintain and expand our position as an international leading supplier of Bluetooth®, GSM, 3 G, Satellite and GPS technology based AV and Tracking products.


Our mission is to satisfy the customers requirements for effective, reliable and operationally functional, high quality surveillance products.