Live, Low-Cost, Wireless, Video-Audio-Telemetry Security Systems

Emergency Services

Providing live video reports from disaster areas as events unfold can be a logistical and technical challenge. Increasingly, relief organizations and government agencies turn to mobile video streaming technologies, typically used for real-time tactical decisions and safety of the field personnel, as a means to getting timely video and audio reports back to decision makers for rapid assessment and response.

Public Transportation

In bus, railway, or plane, it gives the ability to transmit an emergency call with video and audio. The 360° Panomorph technology lets the control center watch the event live and dispatch rescue if necessary. In case of a violent event in a public transport vehicle, the converging rescue team can see and hear what is happening inside the vehicle, providing live assessment of the situation.


Reliable solution, through the use of military grade rugged General Dynamics computers with the VideoLatitude software for real field deployment of live video, audio and GPS telemetry.


Typically used for mobile news-gathering, VideoLatitude real-time portable video streaming systems are ideal when portability, flexibility, and a low power requirement are needed. This is achieved using rugged General Dynamics and GpsLatitude portable computers. Performance, reliability, and low end-to-end latency are hallmarks of GpsLatitude solutions.