Adaptive Digital Systems, Inc. began in 1980, with the purpose of providing the law enforcement community with high quality surveillance products. For over twenty-five years now, we worked together with numerous Federal, State and Local agencies to develop the world's smallest and safest covert recording devices.

Our No Risk Policy provides the customer with the option of swapping, upgrading or returning any product we make for a full refund during the first 60 days after delivery. We also have a variety of equipment available for a free 30 day evaluation.

All equipment made by ADS carries a free Standard Lifetime Warranty. Work Stations (LCDRSU/PDRSU) carry a 3 years warranty. We service, update and provide software enhancements to the user at no additional cost.

Training is always free. Even though we provide a users manual, we know that sometimes you need a little more help. We provide a Training CD with each product and if you require, we’ll come to your facility and train your staff on all of our recorders at no cost to you.

Our recorder technology has been around for over 23 years. We have over 35,000 units in U.S. and numerous other countries. Federal, State, Local agencies and courts have examined our recorders and have had no problems using them as a result of our technology, quality and attention to evidence protection.

Commercially available recorders and a number of others pretending to be made for police use are not applicable for surveillance operations for a number of reasons. The key ones are listed below:

* There is no built in protection for the digital data, so any evidence can be subjected to questions of being altered.
* Most commercial recorders tend to be larger in size, rendering them unsafe for undercover operations.
* Commercial units often have poor audio range and low camera resolution, hampering voice and facial recognition.
* Some units use rotating storage media. The noise created by such devices makes them unsafe for undercover work.