FreeCom 7100

With FreeCom, discover the new way of flying!

Best ergonomy

  • Ultra-light headset, allows full head movement
  • Day-long comfort, no sweating, itching or pressure around the head
  • Compatible with sunglasses and helmets

Best speech intelligibility

  • Crystal clear voice transmission
  • Premium microphone with embedded noise canceling
  • Top quality electronic from Phonak, market leader in hearing aids

Best noise protection

  • Custom molded ear shells for a perfect in-ear fit
  • Professional noise-dependent hearing protection
  • More than 24dB of noise attenuation

Product Description

“I’m not going to give it back” - Bruno Müller, four-time reigning Swiss aerobatic flying champion

“Even after a 13-hour flight FreeCom feels extremely comfortable to wear” - Jason Gregory, Airbus pilot

“It’s small, lightweight, you can use a helmet (or not), none of it’s a problem” - Alex Itin, helicopter pilot & instructor

"With FreeCom I don’t need to think about my headset at all” - Michael Sigrist, acrobatic pilot